Get more positive replies, faster.
Get more positive replies, faster.

The #1 Sales Email Assistant

The #1 Sales Email Assistant

Lavender helps you get more replies in less time. It's everything you need to personalize faster, write more impactful emails, coach, and improve.

"Lavender is designed to improve your sales team's workflow.

It offers a range of AI fueled features to optimize your emails' persuasiveness."

4x more replies

 more meetings
plus faster training of new SDRs

50% more replies

 less writing time

42% more replies

2x more
3x more

200% more replies

 more opens
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Emails that score a 90 or above receive the most replies.
Suggest Improvements

Write Better Emails

Lavender scores your email and helps you fix it. It suggests new sentences and ways to fix anything that will lower your reply rate.

If you're stuck, AI will write your email for you.
Amy Volas
Amy Volas
• CEO, Avenue Talent Partners
• LP, Stage 2 Capital
• Co-Host, Thursday Night Sales
Social Data & Overview
Personality Profile
Company News & Events
Generate Personalization

Personalize Faster

Lavender shows data on your recipient and their company. See personality insights, social data, recent news, events, funding announcements, tech stack, job listings, and more.

Then our AI writes personalized intros for you.
Lavender Wizard
Nice! You've Improved!
CEQ: Average Email Score
Team Productivity
Positive Reply Increase

Keep Improving

Lavender has the most granular and actionable Email Intelligence coaching insights available.

Understand how you and your team are progressing over time, detect problems early, and coach new reps faster.
Lavender was voted #1 on Product Hunt

"I thought this was going to be like Grammarly, but you have so much more to offer for sales."

Personalize Fast

Personalize in under 30 seconds.

Personalized emails are effective, but doing research takes a lot of time. Lavender shows recipient research and data right in your inbox.

Then it uses AI to generate personalized intro sentences for you.
Optimize Your Email

Optimize your email for replies.

Lavender compares your email against millions of data points. It looks for anything that is going to hurt your chance of reply. Then it fixes it for you.

Have writers block? Lavender can start writing your email using AI.
Integrates Natively With
GmailOutlook 365 (Web)OutreachSalesloft
Using a different platform? Enable Lavender Anywhere in your settings.
(Outlook is supported in the web browser only)

"Top time saving sales tool"

Recipient Research
+ Bio & Social Data
+ Calendar Events
+ Personality Insights
+ Email Address Verification

Learn about your prospect...fast.

Lavender shows social data, calendar events, and more on your recipient. See their DISC and OCEAN personality types to better resonate with them. You'll know how they make buying decisions and how to tailor and personalize your message.
Recipient Social DataPersonality Insights
Company Insights
+ News & Event Updates
+ Job Listings & Company Growth
+ Tech Stack
+ AI Personalization

Daily insights on your prospects.

Lavender aggregates updates on your prospect and their company from around the web. See updated news, job listings, tech tools, social posts, and more. Lavender will even generate personalization ideas for you.
Prospect Company DataAI-Assisted Personalization
AI for Writing Emails
+ Starts Your Email
+ Sentence & Word Suggestions
+ TLDR Email Summarizer

Use AI to Start or Improve Your Email

Not sure what to say? Lavender can get your email started for you from a few bullet points.

Writing your own email? Lavender's AI will suggest new sentence replacements to make it more impactful.
AI that writes emails
Sales Email Assistant
+ Email Analysis & Scoring
+ Fixes Your Email
+ Mobile Preview & Optimization
+ Open Tracking

Find and fix anything that lowers replies.

Lavender is trained to find and fix problems in your templates, sequences, 1:1 emails, replies, nurtures, and more. It will show you what's wrong and then help you fix it quickly.
Email AssistantMobile Preview
Email Intelligence + Coaching
+ Individual & Team Analytics
+ Prospect Engagement Tracking
+ Best Practice Insights

Coach + Improve with Email Intelligence.

Lavender continuously learns what works best for you.The coaching dashboard shows insights and best practices for you and your team. See how you're trending, what you're doing well at, and how you can improve.

If you use Outreach or Salesloft, Lavender can analyze historic data to build benchmarks.
Construction Wizard
Detect at-Risk Reps
4 Users on Team SDR at Risk
2 Users on Team AE at Risk
Track Your Progress
Open Rate
Reply Rate
Writing Time
Team Leaderboard
Emily R
Emily R. 🥇
Trey A
Trey A.
Catie L
Catie L.
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Lavender For Teams

"This is the Gong of Email"
-Scott Leese

The team coaching dashboard gives the most granular and actionable look at your team's email performance available. Dive deep into any variable that Lavender has to benchmark, coach your team, and train new reps on best practices.
Team Dashboard
Jack Ryan - SaaStr

"I've done 3 million in sales in 11 months, all through outbound cold email with Lavender."

Jack Ryan
Partner Manager, SaaStr

"A top sales tool"

Easy ROI

Simple Pricing.

Pricing is straightforward. There are no additional fees. Everything is included.

Every installation comes with a 7 day trial of unlimited access to all features. After 7 days the free plan starts unless you upgrade.

No credit card is required to trial.
Free trial includes all integrations.


After your free trial ends, our Free plan includes limited access each month.
Analyze 5 Emails Per Month
Research 5 People Per Month
Gmail + Outlook 365
No Mobile Preview
No AI Recommendations
No AI Email Writer
If you're a student or unemployed we'll upgrade you to Lavender Pro for free until you find a job. Just email us.
Individual Pro - No Integrations


If you're using Lavender as an individual and only in Gmail or Outlook 365.
Unlimited Emails
Unlimited Personalization
Unlimited Feature Usage
Unlimited AI Recommendations
Unlimited AI Emails
Lavender Anywhere
Multiple Inbox Support
Individual Coaching Analytics
Gmail + Outlook 365
Outreach + Salesloft
Lavender Pro does not include integration with Outreach or Salesloft. Sign up for Teams + Integrations if you need those.
Teams + Integrations


If you need team functionality or integration into Outreach or Salesloft.
Unlimited Everything
Gmail + Outlook 365
Outreach and Salesloft
Team-Level Analytics
Team + Rep-Level Coaching
Multi-Team Functionality
Custom Scoring
Priority Support
If you're an individual but need Outreach or Salesloft integration, you can upgrade to a Team-level plan for one person.

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