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Our AI isn't here to replace you, just make you better. Lavender is an AI email coach that has everything you need to write better emails faster.

For both individuals and teams, there's no credit card required to get started. 🚀

Integrates into your existing workflow in 5 minutes.

AI that writes emails

I've done  $3 million in sales in 11 months, all through outbound cold email with Lavender.

Jack Ryan

Partner Manager at SaaStr

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Positive replies, faster workflow.
(Email Wizardry) 🧙

Lavender sits inside Gmail, Outlook, Outreach, Salesloft, Linkedin, Salesforce, Twitter, and more.

  • Easy to get started in under 5 minutes
  • Lavenders users average 20.5% reply rates
  • SOC-II & GDPR Compliant

It reinforces everything we want the team doing.

Ryan Swearingen

Director Sales Dev Strategy at Twilio

build a better sales team

The AI Coach that makes your team better.

Lavender gives managers the tools and data they need to effectively coach their teams. Teams of 2-2000 can use Lavender to increase email reply rates and pipeline, increase win rates, and shorten sales cycles.

  • Track performance and ROI
  • Ramp up new reps faster
  • Make sellers more confident, effective, and efficient with email

"It's a must have. Just buy it."

Matt Liebman
Sr. Director, Sales Development at Demandbase

"This is the Gong of Email"
- Scott Leese

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Yes, I really did get a Lavender tattoo! (It's here)

Sims Tillerson

Head of Sales at Showcase