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Lavender is the #1 Realtime AI Sales Email Coach.

We've analyzed over 1 billion emails to help SDRs & AEs optimize their outbound, streamline personalization, double replies in half the time and create more pipeline faster.
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More pipeline with AI
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Your Lavender Email Coach scores your email or template to find and fix anything that hurts your reply rate. You'll receive more replies when you send emails with a high score (90 or above).
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Personalize emails faster
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The Personalization Assistant brings prospect data directly to your inbox (or wherever you send emails). We'll suggest ways to personalize your email based on the data. We also surface personality-based insights to help create deeper connections with your recipients.
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Become an #EmailWizard
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The Lavender email score moves with you. You'll receive real-time coaching based on your inbox and billions of data points. When email behavior evolves, our recommendations do too (thanks to generative AI). So you’re always using the best practices.
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Level-up your team, fast
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Managers are empowered to coach with real data-backed email insights — from you and your team’s inboxes. Lavender helps you track performance, ROI, what’s working across your team, and who needs help (and where).


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Lavender already works where you do, so you can use the magic of Lavender wherever you send email.

We integrate with Gmail, Outlook, Outreach, Salesloft, HubSpot, Apollo, Groove, Gong and more.
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Lavender for Sellers
"Leveraging Lavender resulted in a swift rise in open rates and significantly improved communication from my team."
Casey J. Ashley
Enterprise Sales Leader at Twilio
Lavender for
Most buyers don't want to talk to sellers. 72% of buyers prefer a rep-free experience (Gartner). Reaching the human on the other side of your email has never been harder than it is today. That is, if you don't have Lavender.
Lavender for Leaders
"Since we started using Lavender two months ago, we have seen a 42% increase in replies, 200% increase in meetings booked, and 300% increase in pipeline."
Lindsey Boggs
formerly Global Director of Sales, Lucidworks Reply
Lavender for
Your buyers are learning without you. 83% of a buying group’s time is spent without the seller (Challenger). Are your reps making the most of their time with prospects? We can help with that.
Lavender for Anyone
"Lavender provides valuable insights, statistics, and suggestions to greatly increase the chances of your email being opened & responded to. I am seeing a much higher response rate since utilizing the platform."
Heather Gibb
Recruiter, Owner of Chagrin Valley Search Group
Lavender for
Studies show that sending emails is a common source of stress, anxiety, fatigue, and fear. We believe anyone should have the confidence and ability to email anyone else in the world regardless of who they are.
"As an SDR I like that it keeps me honest when I wax poetic. And it upped our team's response rate."
Robby G.
Sales Development Representative
"Easy to set up, incredibly useful insights, makes the cold email writing process much more focused on data and results than guessing."
Sydney Senior
Account Executive at Deel
"Lavender helps us edit and generate our sales copy to help pipeline velocity. More meetings, more opportunities, more closed won!"
Erin Holtz
Senior Account Executive @ Paro.ai
"Lavender brings in more meetings for me as a BDR and helps my team. Makes me look super cool in front of my boss when I get email replies."
Heidi B.
Director of Business Development
"Better outbounding, confidence in email structure and content, and better reply rates."
Dimitra Spiliotopoulou
Head of Sales at Indico Labs
“It reinforces everything we want the team doing.”
Ryan Swearingen
Sales Leader at Twilio
“I've done $3 million in sales in 11 months, all through cold email outbound with Lavender.”
Jack Ryan
Formerly Partner Manager at SaaStr
“The impact of Lavender has been enormous. Our sellers are writing emails in half the time and getting twice as many replies."
Kyle Coleman
Formerly CMO at Clari

Generative AI

We’re powered by the latest GAI, including Open AI systems, self-hosted fine-tuned large language models, and LLMs powered by billions of custom data points. 

What does that mean in human terms? We're using the most advanced AI to power your emails and help make you the best emailer you can be. 💪


We take your privacy seriously. We are SOC2-certified and GDPR-compliant.

Lavender can be up and running in just a few minutes. For most security-conscious organizations, your IT team may require a review to allow Lavender to be authenticated with your email provider.

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