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Lavender's AI Sales Email Coach has helped thousands of sellers book more meetings, get more replies, and hit quota.

Fix your sales emails instantly, have AI write your first draft and personalize your email, and make sure your email is optimized for getting replies.
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2x more replies

200% more meetings

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42% more replies

100% more meetings


60% more meetings

with 11% fewer reps



Lavender sits inside your inbox (or wherever you email) and teaches you while you use it. Users report an increase in confidence, writing ability, and replies. Here’s how:
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Brings recipient research into your inbox, making personalizing emails fast and efficient. Get instant news, insights, personality data, and intro suggestions to maximize every outreach.
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Analyzes your email to identify what needs work and how to improve. The coach makes specific suggestions to increase your reply rate, assesses tones, and features a writing timer. Your email receives a score based on its quality—aim for a 90 or above to increase chance of reply.
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Minimize tabs and time spent by using the power of ChatGPT directly in your email window. Use ChatGPT to research, plan an email, or get it started. Then use Lavender to augment, optimize, and personalize to ensure email success.
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Escape blank page syndrome and use this feature to get an email started. Input simple and direct bullet points, and our AI will generate email copy to work with and personalize.
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If you like to add fun to your emails, you can search and add GIFs without leaving your email window.
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81% of emails are read on mobile devices. But most are written on desktop computers. The Mobile Editor helps you optimize your email for mobile. This makes your email easier to read on a phone, increasing your chances of reply.



to level up.

This is where you go to learn more about how to improve. It shows email analytics for you and your team. For managers, it surfaces data on which reps need help where and how best to help them.


Consider this your dashboard homepage where you can see high-level data about your emails. Get quick tips on how to increase replies and see average stats across all emails sent.
Feed Dashboard.


The personal tab surfaces high-level stats about your emails specifically. It’ll show your performance across cold email reply rates, open awareness, your email score, sentiment, and tones.
Personal Dashboard.


The coaching studio digs deeper into where you need work, where you’re average, and where you’re doing great. It’ll also provide suggestions on how to improve across each email element.
Coaching Dashboard.


The insights tab is a layer deeper, surfacing top suggestions, KPIs, and data visualization to show how your emails are performing against best practices.
Insights Dashboard.

Lavender Anywhere

You can also use Lavender anywhere with … Lavender Anywhere. This feature is a Chrome extension pop-up window that brings the power of the email coach to you anywhere on the web.
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Use the magic of Lavender wherever you send email. We integrate with Gmail, Outlook, Outreach, Salesloft, HubSpot, Apollo, Groove and more.
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