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You’ll love Lavender because your reps love Lavender. And you’ll love us because we show the why behind email results. It’s email coaching and intelligence like you’ve never seen before — almost like … magic.
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"In a week's trial, it has helped me shift from long, heavy emails to shorter, question/action-focused ones. It has validated in me that I am not rude or short to a prospect by getting straight to the point. As an outcome, my reply rates have increased."
Dimitra Spiliotopoulou
Head of Sales, Indico Labs
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We help your reps [.c-tag-inline-between]stop[.c-tag-inline-between] sending bad emails

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We know your time is limited, so Lavender coaches your reps in the inbox. And you’re freed up to focus on optimizing your team, coaching, and strategy. Here’s how:

  • Our dashboard shows granular and actionable insights your reps can learn from and identifies what you should focus on when coaching.
  • See what’s working in your team’s templates and emails, then scale it across the organization. 
  • You get custom email scoring models for your team based on what works for you. Just connect SalesLost, Outreach, or your team’s inboxes.
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Kyle Coleman
Kyle Coleman
Formerly CMO of Clari
“The impact of Lavender has been enormous. Our sellers are writing emails in half the time and getting twice as many replies. With the team insights and data, our managers can now coach strategically."

Sales leaders choose [.c-tag-inline-between]Lavender[.c-tag-inline-between] (here’s why)

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Email coaching tends to be a blind spot. But not with Lavender. We blend content intelligence with performance data and generative AI. Managers finally know how to help. Better coaching leads to better reps, more meetings, and more deals. 🤑
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Review each rep’s email performance. The Coaching Dashboard shows you where they’re hitting or missing the mark and how you can help them (using data from millions of emails and AI).
Get even more granular with your performance reviews. The Insights tab specifies improvement opportunities, overall team KPIs, compares individual and team performance to best practices, identifies trends over time, and more.

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