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Email Teardown #2: Stop making your prospects think

Before email - Scores 87 in Lavender S

Hey Will, 

Was going through Eva and noticed it doesn't remember my previous interactions. 

It's possible you're missing insights in Salesforce on what customers are having trouble with: 


We built an assistant that captures necessary product/customer info wihtout human help. It integrates with SF. 

Things like past service issues, billing information, or anything else. 

This way, customers and agents spend less time exchanging info. 

Sound worth testing?

After email - Scores 91 in Lavender 

Hey Will, 

Nothing's worse than customers repeating themselves. 

While interacting with the chat bot on your site, it seems they might be dealing with this quite a bit.

Team's using Mavenoid to save previous customer interactions see, 

Reduced customer frustration & x saved time for support agents. 

How are you tracking previous customer issues? 

What we changed and why 

The first thing we changed was the gif — we recommend not using things like photos or gifs in a first-touch cold email as it may trigger a spam filter. Secondly, “Eva” here is referring to the sender’s website chatbot, but the likelihood the recipient knows that is slim. Best to remove it to avoid confusion and unnecessary details. 

We trimmed up the original email’s copy mainly because it was giving too much away too soon. We love to cite Eminem in instances like these — you only have one shot, you don’t want to spill all your beans (or your mom’s spaghetti) right away. You don’t want to overwhelm your reader or turn them off by making it difficult to discern what your email is even about. 

The original email had some good elements, like seeking to start a conversation over asking for the meeting. But overall, the copy we adjusted in the after email represents a) you want to generalize the problem you solve for, b) while getting specific about that one thing you do better than anyone else. 

Happy emailing!

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