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The Secret to Sending Cold Emails During the Holidays

Selling during the holiday season is tough. Here's some advice to break through the busyness and send emails that still get replies.

A sales rep sits in a lavender field covered in snow, attempting to write a cold email, symbolizing sending sales emails during the holiday.

During the end of the year, holiday season, we see sellers taking extremely desperate approaches. There's an unspoken pressure to close deals and get 31 days of work done in 15.

Sales Targeting During the Holiday

Some advice on who to target during the holiday selling season?

  • No-show demos that ghosted
  • “Closed Lost” accounts
  • Stalled deals
  • Prospects that didn't reply

The graveyard is a goldmine.

No. 1 Sales Email Tip During Holidays

The trick of targeting these accounts is in how you reach out. The messages you should send during this time of year should be painfully short and very simple.

Here's an example message for someone who previously skipped a scheduled demo.

"Hey George,

I know you and {coworker} had scheduled some time with us ~ a month ago. Is Lavender something y'all are still looking at exploring for {company}?

Hope the year is wrapping up strongly for y'all.


Here's a message example for reengaging a stalled deal during the holidays:

Hey George,

I know we've gone back and forth on moving forward with Lavender.

Is this something you're still considering?

Hope the year is wrapping up well for y'all!


You can add personalization to this, of course. Simplify it, though.

“It sounded like {pain point} was something your team was eager to address. Are y'all still considering a solution like Lavender?”

Point is, don't try to overwhelm the reader. There's too much going on in people's lives during holidays. It'll pay off.

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