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How I Use Lavender As a Marketer

Lavender is for sellers. But it can make an impact in a marketer's workflow, too. Here's how.

Cloning. It’s such a far-fetched idea, right? But it always sounds tempting — almost dreamlike — in marketing.

Whether you’re a solo marketer or on a small to medium-sized team, I bet you’ve always wished there were more of you to get the job done.

AI claims to help with this. And it certainly can. But only to a small extent.

I don’t trust AI to do any work or writing for me. Not by a long shot. But it’s stellar at creating shortcuts, saving time, and helping me generate ideas.

When it comes to Lavender, the tool is very much a product for sellers. (Right now 😏.) But I also find immense value in using it as part of my daily process as a marketer.

Not to toot our own horn, but …

The results?

Our article pageviews are 3x the industry standard.

Our newsletter open rates average ~50%.

Our email marketing campaigns average a 68% open rate.

Most importantly, qualitative feedback on the above is stronger and more valuable than any quantitative metric. (In my opinion.)

Even as a writer (and a trained journalist), tools like Grammarly and Lavender make a big difference in the quality of my output. (And yes, these products are different. More to come on this ...)

How I use Lavender as a marketer:

– Email campaigns and newsletters: I plug every marketing email into Lavender Anywhere. It helps shorten sentences and clean up adverbs, which ensures clarity.

Every Lavender tip improves the email's reading level – and writing at a 3-5th grade reading level can increase replies by nearly 70%.

– Articles: After my first self-edit (usually with Grammarly), I paste my article into Lavender Anywhere and am often surprised at what remains to be fixed. Because they are two different tools, they provide different outputs. Lavender always catches something that Grammarly missed.

As I mentioned in the last bullet, Lavender makes recommendations to increase clarity and reading level. But the kicker for me is mobile optimization.

I can see how my article appears on a smartphone and make adjustments. This is huge for increasing reading/skimming time for folks consuming on their phones.

– Distribution: I write every LinkedIn post in Lavender Anywhere. It ensures that all the aforementioned benefits are applied when writing content to distribute my work across various channels.

AI Bonus tip: I plug my LI posts into ChatGPT and have it generate five 200-word summaries. They usually suck, and I rewrite them. But they help me repurpose what's already written to distribute my content across other platforms. Big efficiency hack.

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