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Gong Gets a Lavender Touch: AI Email Coaching Now Inside Your Gong Workflow

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Welcome to the pipeline party, Gongsters! I’m thrilled to announce version one of Lavender’s Gong Engage integration.

Starting today, as long as you have Lavender installed on your browser, all of Lavender’s AI-powered email coaching magic will be available anywhere you write emails within the Gong experience.

Gong’s entry into the sales engagement space couldn’t come at a better time.

Sellers have been battling with longer deal cycles and lower win rates. Sales teams are coming into 2024 under pressure to create more pipeline than ever before to cover revenue targets.

We’ve seen in the past year this burden doesn’t only sit with sales development teams. Account executives, account managers, and customer success managers have all been called to help put more opportunities on the board.

That pressure has only been magnified by the reality that the old ways of using “more activities” to get your sales team out of trouble aren’t working anymore.

In a time where there’s a slew of new companies promising AI magic, Gong and Lavender are two companies that have always approached AI the right way. It’s about using AI to understand what works best for creating outcomes and then building AI into a seller’s workflow to coach those outcomes.

We’re two companies in love with coaching sellers to be their best based on objectivity.

Together, I can’t wait to see how we help lift the profession even higher.

Here’s what to expect with V1:

Insights from 1B+ emails in your inbox: Thousands of sellers use Lavender’s Chrome extension daily. By analyzing over a billion emails and comparing them against yours, we provide live coaching to maximize your chance of getting a reply.

Personalization done right: Our data shows personalized cold emails see 13x more responses. (That’s up from 100% this time last year.)

The days of canned email templates are over. Within Gong, you can get to your personalized message faster than ever without sacrificing quality.


With tools like ChatGPT built right into your Gong workflow, you can be flexible in building a deeper understanding of your prospect and the account. Whatever you need, Lavender can help you go deeper to build a point of view without having to leave the Gong experience.

Your email coaching dashboard: When you set up Lavender, we’ll show you what has worked in the past and track your progress as your reply rates go up. You get to learn continually from your own data and your team’s.

Here's how you can integrate Gong with Lavender.

What’s next?

We’re continuing to build alongside the Gong team. With deeper integrations planned to be released throughout the year, you can expect this to be the first of many updates.

Check out the following resources to learn more:

1) Our integration page within Gong’s partner portal.

2) Download Lavender and check it out within Gong yourself.